Would you be interested in a couple of strategic ideas on how to skyrocket your software business and increase your market share? Here they are:

  • Russian market is # 8 among the biggest global pharmaceutical markets, and you can multiply your profits by entering this market with a solution localized into the Russian language.
  • The new program for fundamental scientific researches in Russia has been approved recently by the government, which means that researches will be on the lookout for good solutions to make their work easier and to attain greater results. You wouldn’t like them to stick with your competitors, would you?

Still, not only people in Moscow or St. Petersburg speak Russian. Many CIS countries like Belarus and Ukraine can also boast great research centers and complaint on dealing with too much having too little time. CIS market can become a gold mine for your business!

However, it won’t be possible without a well-localized software product, and that’s were Dynamic Domain can become a great asset to you. Localization is not limited to translation, and it’s essential to keep in mind cultural gap. No wonder most companies only entrust this to native speakers. Having a great team of localization and life sciences professionals, Dynamic Domain will help you make the first giant leap into the Russian market.