Fixing production mistakes is more difficult than doing the job correctly from the very beginning. When choosing between making major updates to a marketing text, while still keeping the main idea, and re-writing the pitch from scratch, your marketing person is more likely to choose the latter option.

It is just the same way with software updates. It is much easier to install a brand new product than to migrate or to upgrade one. Still, regular migrations are essential if you do not want to use an obsolete system. It may be not so obvious for people not standing behind the technical processes, but switching to another database or even upgrading your operational system require making changes to the software, too. If a great deal of customization has been done already, it has to be migrated as well – you cannot compromise all the things that make your operations safe and sound!

And it is not the only reason. Imagine that you already use a software product to automate your work. In case you are not satisfied, you would probably like to switch to another provider, who would be more flexible in regards to your requirements. But how can you be sure that all the findings you have put your time and efforts into will be moved correctly to another program? Sometimes maintaining a status-quo is, unfortunately, the easiest option.

But you do not have to put up with it any longer! Whenever you are a scientist or a software provider caring about potential client’s secure data migration, you will be happy to learn that there is an easier way to break away from an inappropriate engagement! Our team at Dynamic Domain will ensure that the features you have got used to and the data you have toiled over will be maintained after switching to another software.

Our software migration services are as follows:

  • software updates/ upgrades deployment;
  • software migration from one kind of database to another one (e.g., from Oracle to SQL Server);
  • legacy software migration;
  • cross-vendors migration;
  • software migration testing.