The major problems with complex enterprise systems are that: 1) they are complicated; 2) they are multi-tier. It is not easy for “mere mortals” to install the application correctly and to configure it according to their needs. And, even when it comes to tech-savvy scientists, they have no time to perform software deployment. Their task is discovery, not installation!

On the other hand, software providers do not always have enough resources to perform the task. Developers are to implement core functionality and focus on more strategic issues, rather than conduct installation and configuration. Moreover, it is not always easy to automate the process (bear in mind the costs of errors!).

At Dynamic Domain, you will find a team that will help you deliver win-win solution! Strong background in scientific research our specialists carried out before joining IT industry and excellent experience gained throughout working with complex multi-tier solutions makes them experts in life sciences software deployment and configuration. Their expertise covers solutions on different databases, from Oracle to SQL Server.

You can rely on Dynamic Domain in case you need:

  • remote and/ or on-site software deployment;
  • software configuration;
  • initial user training.