At Dynamic Domain with a lot of experience in implementing and customizing CRM solutions, we know that in order to have a possibility to easily manage entities which contain many to many relationships we need a convenient UI control. However, MS Dynamics CRM does not contain a built-in possibility to add this control. That is why we have implemented our own solution to manage and analyze these records. Our control is an add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013-2015 and Online which will help you view and analyze records from many to many relationships. The style of our grid is similar to that of other grids in the system.

The main features:

  • Show records with many to many relationships
  • Possibility to specify the displayed attributes and sort orders
  • Possibility to sort records by several columns
  • Possibility to analyze records with many to many relationship from the entity form
  • And yep, you can delete records from the grid and add new records via Look Up Records