70% of members feel loyalty programs are part of their relationship with a company.

We offer grocery and consumer goods retailers a loyalty program which helps to build long-lasting personal relationship with each and every customer and achieve loyalty which brings tangible results.

Our Loyalty program is a way to:

  • Increase sales by 10-15% by influencing customer behavior through rewards and incentives
  • Reduce marketing costs by personalized promotions
  • Optimize your inventory investments by getting an insight into customer preferences and habits
  • Retain customers by creating an emotional link with them


QUESTION 1: How to turn a loyalty program into genuine loyalty?

  • Personalize the dialogue with customers
  • Maximize customer engagement
  • Improve customer retention and entice new members
  • Customize and target promotions and say goodbye to mass discount

QUESTION 2: What about time and money?

Dynamic Domain will design and build a loyalty program which is unique and best fits your customers and business goals.

You will get tangible results within the following timeframes:

6 months project completion from project approval to the production release of loyalty software

10 months from release to the break-even point

QUESTION 3: How does Dynamic Domain work?

We base our loyalty programs on 5 vital principles:

  1. Make it personal – you will be able to communicate personalized offers directly to your customers across multiple channels:
    • customer portal
    • emails
    • receipts
    • mobile application
    • call center
  2. Make it fun! – your loyalty solution will have flexible and engaging mechanics based on:
    • coupons
    • points & levels
    • bonuses
    • cash back
    • partnership programs
  3. Make it smart – you will get actionable analytics for valuable marketing campaigns:
    • personalized coupons based on purchase history and preferences
    • assortment recommendations
    • churn prevention and customer retention
  4. Make it easy – we will easily integrate your loyalty solution with the existing software:
    • ERP
    • POS system
    • website
  5. Make it sustainable – you invest in a loyalty program which will work for a long time and we will always be there for tuning and post-deployment support

So, what is the next step? Tell us more about your business and we will suggest a loyalty program that will work best for your customers. It is free and takes only 7 business days.