With over 10 years in e-commerce development, we serve businesses that need complex e-commerce websites with large numbers of SKUs (10,000 – 100,000) and budget over $50,000. We work closely with marketing and category managers to help them efficiently deal with the complexity of promoting multiple categories, as it was with one of our hallmark projects – a 3D virtual online store.

We bring in technology expertise and valuable ideas throughout the entire development of your e-commerce website. Our services include:

  • E-commerce website development
  • E-commerce website redesign
  • Migration to a modern e-commerce platform
  • Mobile commerce development
  • Maintenance and support


Our e-commerce solutions cover the whole lifespan of the products on your website – from drawing visitors from search engines to a timely and quality delivery.

Search Engine Visibility

Being visible in search engines is key to successful online sales. Dynamic Domain e-commerce websites provide multiple techniques and tools to get your products higher in ranks:

  • High performance
  • Well-planned site structure
  • Content-rich pages
  • W3C valid markup
  • Meta tags, titles, clean and short URLs and others
Product Organization

At Dynamic Domain, we believe in a unique approach to every category. With a responsive and user-friendly design that performs well across all browsers, our online stores enable you to:

  • Guarantee smooth navigation and effective search throughout the website
  • Showcase products in different categories and variations
  • Use SEO-friendly product reviews as well as multiple images and videos to give customers a real feeling of the product
  • Promote every category in your own way by adding smart product parameters as well as special prices and discounts
  • Integrate with your inventory management system and track stock counts to ensure constant product availability
Customer Engagement

We help you guide the customer through the funnel to that purchase button thanks to:

  • Content personalization driven by the interaction behavior
  • Automated upselling and cross-selling systems that are coherent with your website design and allow you to experiment with offerings based on the analytics like the most reviewed products, the most sold products and so on
  • Loyalty programs and special offers to reward loyal customers and boost repeat sales
  • Optimized ad campaigns
  • Mobile commerce for all smartphones and tablets
  • Social media integration
  • Multiple payment gateways, multilingual support, customer accounts, wish list and other features
Advanced Analytics

Your managers will be able to use big data and visualized reporting to turn raw figures, such as the number of visitors, SKUs, conversions and so on, into strategic insights. Custom dashboards with segmented data will offer a granular view on what customers truly want. Reports are exportable and can be easily spread across the departments.

Product Delivery

Our e-commerce websites provide for flexible shipping options from the leading carriers like FedEx, UPS, USPS and others. You can offer free shipping for particular items or price ranges or establish flexible shipping rates. Fast and secure.