Desktop stands for visually rich, lightning fast and responsive software. In our team, we nurture best practices in desktop application development in order to always pull off that extra mile which turns a solid desktop app idea into a market sensation.

Our team of certified desktop developers builds large-scale standalone products from scratch:

  1. Fulfilling end-user experience – quality desktop apps are on average faster and more powerful than their web counterparts
  2. Security – with verified experience in information security we put a high value on multilayer protection of our offline apps
  3. Control and reliability – as all our desktop apps: ◦Undergo scrupulous planning and extensive testing
    • Show cross-platform compatibility with lower development efforts
    • Deliver pure platform-native experience with a shorter development cycles and, thus, shorter time-to-market
    • Unlock full access to local hardware and resources

Looking for a dedicated team for your desktop project or for individual developers to join your team working on a new product?


C++ Department .NET Department
25+ C/C++ developers 15+ .NET professionals (10/5 WPF/DevExpress)
26 years of overall experience in C/C++ MCTS and MCPD certification
11 years - average employee experience 11 years of overall experience in .NET
100+ successfully delivered projects 20+ successfully finished desktop projects
Experience in complex desktop projects


We engage state of the art technologies to create ultimate productivity tools including but not limited to:

  • Graphics and video processing applications including embedded software
  • Communication tools like the desktop version of the popular VoIP app Viber (600+ mln users)
  • Information search and management tools like Video Download Manager
  • Web browsers like the Privacy Browser and the alternative browser for music lovers
  • Personal productivity apps like the resounding Stop Procrastinating App
  • CAD software, for example, for tecilation in Construction
  • Desktop software for business


Originally started as a pure C++ development company over 26 years ago, Dynamic Domain maintains the traditions of desktop product development with several big long-term projects currently underway.

At Dynamic Domain we aim to find the golden mean between the technologies that are emerging and promising and the ones which are well-established and classic.

Platforms Cross-platform & Native technologies
Windows C/C++, Qt, Objective-C, wxWidget, WPF.NET, DevExpress, GTK, KDE, Java
Mac OS X

Find out more about our C++ competences and cross-platform development.


We walk the talk to develop desktop applications in line with the specifications which are tailored to the needs of end-users.

We customize the approach to cooperation with Clients – mostly software product companies. Just like trained athletes, we are ready to undertake any type of the running challenge:

  • Marathon: Dynamic Domain delivers turnkey product ready to be shipped to the end-users.
  • Sprint: A dedicated team works on a part of your project, be it testing, a platform-specific version or support & maintenance.
  • Relay race: Dynamic Domain specialists jump in at any project stage to complement your team with particular competences or experience.

For more information about our development approach turn to our Development Process.


No need to explain to us the ABC of the industry your product is targeted at. With experience in Healthcare, Banking, Telecommunications, Media, Manufacturing and Retail, we blend together deep industry knowledge and technical expertise. Our team:

  • Speak the same business language with the Product Owner
  • Roll out products to meet and beat the high industry standards
  • Have a low learning curve when starting a new project

Every BIG idea begins with a small first step. Make the step today: tell us about your desktop application project and we will provide an estimate. Fast and free.