There are thousands of people strongly opposed to outsourcing customer service overseas. No wonder! Most of them encountered untimely support responses, inability to get real help instead of stereotyped answers or talking to a person with (possibly) good technical skills, but with awful English.

It is just the other way round with Dynamic Domain!

Working with our top-notch support specialists, you will never get a hackneyed response typical for low-cost tech support outsourcing engagements. You will never get a person who has no notion of your industry and niche at all. You will never get professional speaking broken English.

If you care about “good value for money” solution, you have come to the right place! Compliance with GAMP 5 standards, great experience gained throughout working with leaders in your industry and creative approach towards any problem help them learn and understand any type of software within several days, and afterwards deliver state-of-the-art support to your clients.


Time and Material
  • suitable for ongoing support of the existing application/system and minor features development;
  • end-of-the-month payments based on the work actually done.
Pre-Paid Support
  • good choice for ongoing support of existing systems and minor features development;
  • payment in advance for a bunch of hours at a reduced hourly rate.
24/7 Help Desk (Support Center)
  • a dedicated team of technical support specialists;
  • occurring problems are solved on an ongoing basis;
  • monthly flat rate payment.
Special Dedicated Support
  • dedicated assistant working exclusively on your requests and integrated into your team
  • end-of-the-month salary payments.