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How we communicate with clients to ensure project success

Strong communication looks different at each stage of our process, but it’s equally vital every step of the way.

How Dynamic Domain Does Proactive Client Communication

We Begin with Curiosity

Dynamic Domain begins every client project with strategic curiosity. We ask questions designed to understand what our clients want and need.

We then combine what we hear with our expertise, creative problem solving, and industry best practices to craft solutions that help to solve the challenge or seize the opportunity our clients have described.

We Provide Updates (At Least) Weekly

During the course of any client project, the assigned project manager will provide an update at least once a week. This update will discuss:

  • What work was accomplished last week
  • What work is upcoming over the next 1-2 weeks
  • What the client can expect to review in the next 1-2 weeks, and what kind of time commitment the client will need for that review
  • Any questions the client has, or that Worthwhile’s team needs to have answered to proceed

These updates come at least weekly, and are more frequent at the beginning of a project and the end of a project, when we need more client feedback in order to move forward.

We Expect and Plan for Revisions

We want our clients’ feedback on our work, so it can be the best it can be. We know that anything we create or build doesn’t work if it doesn’t serve our clients’ business.

That’s why we ask for our clients’ feedback and account for revisions in our statements of work and our project plan. From wireframes to design to content to code, we listen to what our clients think of what we’re building and use their feedback to make it better, every step of the way.

We Test As We Go

Once we enter the Software Development phase of a project, we test pieces of software as they become functional, and ask our clients to do the same.

This communication ensures better software at the end of the project. It also gives our clients more insight into where a project stands during the weeks of development, so they don’t have to wonder if things are progressing as planned.

We Launch and Listen

Communication isn’t over when a project is complete. We have processes to ensure that communication remains strong after a web or mobile app goes live.

It starts with a support period after launch in which we ask clients for feedback and make bug fixes where necessary. After the support period, we check in with clients regularly to see if our services can help them continue to grow their business.

We want to earn our clients’ trust in every single interaction, and this proactive approach to communication helps us do this and ultimately serve our clients most effectively.

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