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How our software developers serve our clients

There’s a certain list of characteristics Dynamic Domain looks for and fosters in our software developers.

At Dynamic Domain, we’re committed to giving our clients:

  • a software development process marked by best practices, and
  • a team of developers who can deliver a kind of premium service and quality to our customers.

We’ve used a list compiled by software engineers to identify the kind of developers we want to hire and to highlight the kind of culture we work to create.

We’ve run these traits through the filter of Dynamic Domain’s four values:

  • Creativity: We create a better world with our work
  • Curiosity: We ask great questions and aim for the best answer
  • Honor: We give our word and keep it
  • Service: We set ambitious expectations and deliver delightfully

The result is a powerful picture of what a Dynamic Domain developer should do and be.

They learn new tech and non-tech skills of their own accord.

Our developers show curiosity by investigating new ideas and new technologies, because they want to understand how to leverage them. Whether it’s a new payment portal, or an internet of things solution for opening a garage door, we want developers who love to explore how things work.

That mindset helps our developers solve fascinating challenges for our clients (and open their garage doors, too).

They know how to research for answers.

At Dynamic Domain, we create custom solutions for clients—which means we often encounter new kinds of problems. Our developers need to be willing to research these problems, and they need to be good at finding the right answers quickly.

Through this strategic curiosity. we can offer our clients solutions with cost and timeline certainty, while also providing the most efficient path to a solution. For a client facing a problem with a lot of unknowns, this kind of solution is reassuring and incredibly valuable.

They have entrepreneurial spirits.

Our developers often tell clients and prospects that we can build anything. By approaching every project from the perspective of possibility, we show our clients that we want their idea to work and their business to thrive.

Of course, even though we can build anything, we work with our clients to build the right thing—a solution that fits users, accomplishes business goals, and is an efficient size and price. This entrepreneurial approach is especially helpful for startups entering the market with a minimum viable product (MVP).

They measure twice, cut once—but don’t measure more than three times.

Developers should be careful and to do their work with honor. That means taking time to unit test pieces of code, and asking other developers to review code before it’s deployed. These are measure-twice steps.

At the same time, we know that efficiency and timelines are important to our clients. So our developers avoid loops of questions and rework unless they actually advance a project and serve our clients. Our chosen development framework, is one tool that helps us move forward with efficiency and care.

Our custom software development team creates mobile apps, web apps, and software integrations that serve our clients well and leave them with no regrets. We make sure to keep our process and our team focused on this goal.

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