Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a growing area with a very strong demand. According to Gartner, the number of inquiry calls from SIEM end users has been growing by 20-35% and even more each year. The popularity of SIEM has increased because not only it serves as a security tool but also provides compliance with the main regulatory and industrial security standards such as PCI DSS, FISMA, SOX, HIPAA and others. With Dynamic Domain’s in-depth knowledge of the QRadar platform, our customers get high-grade SIEM services starting from the assistance with strategic planning to solution maintenance.


Dynamic Domain SIEM experts offer security solutions aimed at a complete protection of the critical assets and sensitive data:

  • We determine all possible challenges, including insider frauds and external threats, to define properly essential log sources
  • We conduct a full technical assessment of your IT environment
  • We properly validate the critical components of you current security architecture and identify the essential requirements of SIEM

As a result, you get detailed recommendations on all the aspects of architecture adjustments and deployment. In addition to that, Dynamic Domain offers QRadar workshops and trainings.


Our area of expertise includes:

  • QRadar security solution architecture design. We convert all the gathered SIEM requirements to client-specific Use Cases and create a technical design for a SIEM deployment
  • Security solution deployment
  • Solution configuration. You get a solution with fully adjusted offense, correlation rules and compliance reports as well as a customized set of rules to prevent false positives
  • QRadar upgrade. We have worked out scenarios for major and minor solution updates to provide you with a next-generation QRadar solution.

To measure the effectiveness of investments in security, Dynamic Domain has released a Health Check Framework (HCF) designed for the IBM QRadar SIEM users, administrators and security officers. The tool performs periodic monitoring of a range of statistical, performance and behavioral metrics of an IBM QRadar SIEM deployment (including distributed environments).


Dynamic Domain offers a full cycle of QRadar Log Source Extension (LSX) development and testing. We integrate QRadar with all the customer’s devices and applications using the out-of-the-box LSXs as well as the ones developed by Dynamic Doamin.

Throughout the recent years, we have created over 100 extensions. You can download now The Unofficial QRarad LSX and Threat cases for Kerio Control Unified Treat management and for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.


With QRadar being an IBM product, you get the IBM guarantee and quality ensured by our IBM-certified consultants. We provide 24/7 reliable and multi-optional support services to assist in deploying, maintaining and troubleshooting a QRadar solution remotely or on-site.


The customers willing to switch from TSIEM or Cisco MARS to QRadar can benefit from our experience as well as a set of tools we have developed to make the migration easier. Moreover, together with the IBM team Dynamic Domain SIEM consultants have created a TSIEM to QRadar SIEM migration guide.